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What can I expect?

My style is continually evolving. It's relaxed. It's whimsical. It goes perfectly with flip-flops or a dusty pair of cowboy boots. It's often inspired by the way the light falls into a room, the curls of a little girl's hair or the way that a little boy nuzzles into his mother's neck. It's always about the moments, the expressions and the details that we wish could last a lifetime.

Children are curious, spontaneous, silly, energetic, and above all, completely unpredictable. So how do you plan formal family portraits with a rambunctious two-year-old? First, scrap the 'formal' part. Let go of any expectations of cooperation and think more along the lines of (loosely) controlled chaos. Above all, I expect your photo session to be laid-back and fun. Don't think of it as picture day as this will only result in unnecessary stress (for both you and your children)! Children are encouraged to run around and play, jump on the bed, get a little muddy in the backyard. If parents are not participating in the photos, they are encouraged to relax, grab a cup of coffee, kick back with a magazine. My goal is to capture connections, spontaneous expressions, and natural smiles, not the Sears Portrait Studio forced smiles of yesteryear! The results are the most genuine when the children are able to forget that the camera is even there.

How long will the Photography session take?

Sessions are fun and relaxing and take anywhere from 1-2 hours. I work on location, which means that your session can take place at your favorite park, beach, under the tree in your back yard or piled under pillows your child’s bed.

What do I get with the session fee?

With your session fee you will get up to two hours of the photographer's shooting time; basic retouching of 35 to 60 Images; an online slideshow set to music that can be shared with friends and family for 10 days. I will also help you navigate the images to pick the ones that fit in your home or tell just the right story. I can help you think through how and where to display your artwork, and how to present your new treasures in the best light. There are no prints given with the session fee.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes I do, because of the amount of work that goes into each and every session, I require a minimum investment of $300 in finished artwork.

What about clothes?

Newborns are captured best with as little clothing as possible, just a diaper cover works well and a mix of simple and trendy outfits work well for older children. My photography style is casual - think bare feet, sundresses, jeans and T's. The simpler the better. I recommend avoiding logos, cartoon characters and heavy prints that can be distracting in a photograph. It is best to avoid wearing all white. It is a good idea to keep everyone in the photograph dressed in the same color family, such as all earthy, neutrals, or all rainbow bright colors. This does not mean matching colors. I want you to have some fun with your clothing choices: Funky hats, princess dresses, bright colors, rain boots. If your daughter insists on dressing herself, let her! These are the moments that I love to capture. A few outfit changes can be fun too. Bring wipes for those dirty faces and runny noses!

What if my child gets sick?

As a mother, I know that kids can be germ magnets. Rather than battle the blues, the runny noses etc, it really is best to reschedule your session. A sick child is not a happy child and the resulting photos will show it.

What if it rains?

Lets face it, we are on the east coast, we have a lot of rainy days, but the rain doesn't have to ruin your session. We can photograph in your home, or with bright yellow boots and a giant umbrella the best moments are a mix of spontaneity and comfort. However, if you have your heart set on an bright sunny day, I am happy to reschedule.

Do you do weddings?

Yes!!! My husband and I do a very limited number of weddings a year. Please email me for more information.

What happens after the session?

Approximately two weeks after your session, a custom on-line slideshow of your images will be published. A link will be emailed to you. Feel free to pass this link along to anyone who may be interested in viewing your portraits. (you will want to share this, trust me!)


With most of my clients, we meet in person view thier images in an array of black and white and color picking just the right ones. I bring along examples of coffee table books and holiday cards and will help you think through the many choices in front of you. I also put up an online gallery for those who have family out of state or who would prefer to order in the privacy of their own home. The gallery and the online slideshow will remain up for 10 days, after that a $25 deposit is needed to reinstate both the gallery and the online slideshow for an additional week.